School Handbook


Bonny Slope Elementary School
Student and Parent Handbook

11775 NW McDaniel Road
Portland, OR 97229


Phone: 503-356-2040
Attendance: 503-356-2041
Fax: 503-356-2045

School Office Hours
Monday -  Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Bonny Slope Elementary School is a child-centered school dedicated to excellence. We empower our children to be lifelong learners who are not only literate, but also communicative, culturally sensitive, respectful of others and prepared to be future leaders who will take action and create a better world.

Bonny Slope Elementary is authentic and challenging curriculum promotes inquiry-based learning. Assessments and conceptual understanding of state standards are at the core of each educational decision we make. Our ultimate goal is to provide an engaging academic program that fosters a passion for learning.

We inspire students to become internationally minded through a school-wide emphasis on becoming knowledgeable, principled, balanced, caring, open-minded, reflective, inquisitive, thoughtful, communicative, and willing to take risks.

Active parent involvement is encouraged and recognized as a key component to each child’s success. The link between school and community is enhanced through continuous, open communication that encourages and promotes respect and participation. Our students, staff, parents, and community work together as a team to prepare our students for tomorrow.

Bonny Slope Elementary is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is the elementary school portion of the IB program, is where learners strive to be internationally minded.

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The organization works with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

To further enhance the learning experience, the Primary Years Programme focuses not only on teaching concepts and skills, but also on developing students to have positive attitudes towards people, the environment and their learning. Students at Bonny Slope strive to embody the attributes of the Learner Profile and be inspired to take action when warranted.

School Colors:
Crimson Red. Black and Cream

School Mascot:

Parent Involvement and Leadership


We hope you will find time in your schedule to become a Bonny Slope volunteer. Your help plays a major role in our community's success. There are a variety of options to get involved with your child’s education at Bonny Slope, including volunteering in the classroom, helping staff our library, working on an event committee, or doing production projects for teachers. In order to start volunteering, you need to complete the following three steps:

Step 1-- Fill out an online application. Follow the steps to create a username, password, and profile. This includes the background check required by the Beaverton School District. All visitors and volunteers are required to pass this background check.

Step 2--Log into to view the opportunities available. Check out the BSCO Volunteer Handbook (available online on the BSCO Business page) to learn more details about individual committees and events.

Step 3-- Update your MvP profile with your volunteer interests. All information, required links and more details are available on the BSCO website.

Questions? Contact our Directors of Volunteer Support: Stephanie Wilson and Michelle Mulholland at

Bonny Slope Community Organization

The Bonny Slope Community Organization (BSCO) is your parent group for Bonny Slope Elementary. All parents are automatically members of BSCO and we look forward to meeting and working with you.

Founded in 2008, BSCO funds, staffs and/or operates many events and programs to support Bonny Slope Elementary. These include:

  • Teacher Support-- Class teacher fund for classroom materials, teacher grants for innovative teaching ideas, PYP materials, an all-staff professional training, and year-long staff appreciation activities
  • Student Enrichment-- Art Literacy, Artist in Residence, Geo Club, Science Enrichment, Science Fair, OBOB, Bobcat Trail Club, BEST, Outdoor School, Field Trip Transportation, and the Community Garden
  • Community Events-- Carnival, Monster Mash, Field Day, Back to School Picnic, Welcome Coffee, Book Fair
  • Technology-- Yearly update of tech devices
  • Community Giving-- Donations to BSD's Clothes Closet and our BSE Student Body Fund

More program info and budget details can be found at

BSCO Executive Board

President:  Taylor Kash
VP: Carin Ruiz
Director of Committees: Katie Kammer
Secretary: Aaron Muhs
Directors of Volunteer Support: Michelle Mulholland & Stephanie Wilson
Treasurer: Heather Vonk

Member-at-Large: Nima Patel
Director of Communications: Jeff Cook



At Bonny Slope, we are dedicated to open, ongoing and informative home/school communication. Communication between home and school is essential to the success of our students. You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher, the office or the principal if you have any questions or suggestions. Our goals are to keep you informed and involved and to be open to your questions and suggestions. Our communication systems include the following:

  • PawPrints, our bi-weekly school newsletter, is distributed via e-mail (paper copies are available upon request)
  • Classroom newsletters/SeeSaw or website postings
  • SchoolMessenger
  • District web page 
  • Back to School Night in September
  • Parent Teacher Conferences – Fall and Spring
  • Report cards at the end of each semester
  • Classroom and school flyers and letters

Staff can be reached via phone or email. Phone calls will not be forwarded to classrooms during the school day. Emergency messages can be left with the office staff. Parents may also communicate with staff via email. Please see "contact us" page to email staff. 

Student Records

Under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act, student files must be made available to any parent who wishes to see his/her child’s record. If you wish to examine the contents of your child’s file, please call the principal at 503.356.2040.

Student Telephone/Cell Phone Usage

Students are allowed to use school phones only to resolve emergencies or upon teacher request. Students may not use the phone to make social arrangements or to check in with family members. Students must have staff approval to use school telephones.

Students are discouraged from bringing cellphones to school as they may become a classroom distraction, or get lost or stolen. However, we understand that some families choose to provide their children with a cell phone to facilitate communication after school. Our expectation is that while on campus, cell phones will be kept in backpacks and turned off. Students who use their cell phones without permission will be asked to keep the cell phones in the office, where they will be stored in a secure location until parents pick them up.

Student Arrival and Dismissal

Daily Schedule

Adult supervision is provided before school, beginning at 8:15 am.
Students should not arrive prior to 8:15 am, as they will not be supervised or allowed in the building.

Classroom hours are 8:30 am to 3:05 pm (M-F)

Morning Arrival

Students arrive at school at 8:15 am. All students must arrive at school via the front entry doors or the side doors when arriving by bus. Students may enter classrooms at 8:25 am.

Students who arrive between 8:15 am- 8:25 am must report to one of the supervised areas listed below. At 8:25 am, staff will release students to line up and proceed quietly to class.

Cafeteria: Students eat breakfast and/or deposit meal money
Gym: Students walk to music and/or chat quietly with friends (K-2)
Upper Hallway: Students in grades 3-5 may sit in hallway and chat quietly
Track: Students run laps of the track

Students are to report directly to one area and remain there until it is time to go to class. An exception: Students who eat breakfast at school or who must go to the cafeteria to deposit meal money may go to the cafeteria then choose their location after eating breakfast or depositing money. Students who eat breakfast at school must report to the cafeteria first to eat. Often, there is not enough time to both eat and go to the track or the gym. Eating breakfast is the first priority.

Parents are welcome to escort their students to class on the first day of school. After that, any parent that enters the building must sign in at the office. To build independence we ask that parents say good-bye at the entrance of the school. While instilling a sense of independence and confidence in children, we want to encourage timeliness and eliminate crowding in the hallways and office.

Afternoon Dismissal

Dismissal is a busy time. There are four options for students:

  • Ride the school bus home: Teachers will deliver bus riders as they exit the building.
  • After school classes or Student Stop: Students will be released to their assigned location.
  • Parent pick up 3:05-3:15: If a parent wants to pick up a student at 3:05 dismissal, the parent may enter the parking lot, park in a marked parking space (no curb parking), and pick up student(s) in the marked areas by the bike racks. Please be sure to be parked before 3:00pm.
  • Parent pick up curbside 3:20-3:30pm: If a parent would prefer to pick up a student without getting out of the car, the parent will enter the bus lane at 3:20 (after the buses leave). Students will enter cars at the top of the bus lane. (These students will go to the gym at dismissal time. They will then line up for curbside pickup and be escorted by staff to the bus pick up lane at 3:20).

For your child’s safety and to avoid congestion and confusion in the lobby as students and staff exit, please refrain from picking up your child in his/her classroom or outside of the double doors near the bus lane. Teachers will escort students to the designated areas. This procedure ensures that regular staff and substitutes are releasing students only to authorized adults. 

Traffic Patterns

Our students travel to and from school in a variety of ways:

  • Many students ride one of the school buses serving our school
  • Some students walk or bike to and from school
  • Some students are transported by car to and from school
  • Some students attend before/after school care (Student Stop)
clipart student in car

To reduce traffic at arrival and dismissal times, we encourage students for whom bus transportation is an option to ride the bus. Riding the bus ensures timely arrival at school, and helps reduce car-related congestion and safety concerns at arrival and dismissal times.

In an effort to reduce the traffic and safety hazards during dismissal time, we have implemented procedures recommended by the following safety agencies and committees: Beaverton School District (BSD) Public Safety, Washington County Sheriff's’ Office, Washington County Land Use and Transportation, BSD Transportation, and Safe Walk to School Agency.

Going Home Plans

Consistent Plans are Essential for Safety

We are asking that you formulate a consistent going-home plan for your child; be sure your child and his/her teacher are aware of the plan, and stick to that plan for the school year. If you need to change your child’s going-home plan, please be sure to send a note to school with your child; have the note verified by the office and the classroom teacher. We understand that emergencies can occur.

If an unexpected event forces you to change your child’s going-home plans after 8:20 am, please call the school office directly at 503-356-2040. Teachers are engaged with students all day long, and emailing changes to teachers is not a reliable way to share emergency information, especially when there is a substitute. Please ONLY change plans in case of rare emergencies. Our top priority is keeping every student safe. Frequent plan changes result in confusion on the part of students, teachers, and office staff; we cannot guarantee that last-minute information will reach students in a timely manner. Please help us to keep every student safe by following a consistent plan.  Additionally, we ask all parents to avoid picking up their children early.  Our office is very busy, especially between 2:45-3:05pm.  It is for this reason we ask that you do not interrupt the class to pick up your child between 2:45-3:05 pm.

Student Attendance

Attendance Expectations

Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:30 am. Students are expected to be at school and on time every day that they are healthy. We appreciate your efforts to schedule appointments after school hours. Please do not enroll your child in after-school classes that necessitate regular early pickup. Calling classrooms during instruction time is disruptive for every member of a classroom, including the teacher, and we want every student to get the most out of each day of instruction. Attendance is very important to student success! We also appreciate your efforts to make sure students enter the school building no earlier than 8:15 am and no later than 8:25 am. Arriving by 8:25 am allows students to calmly report to class and get settled before the school day begins at 8:30 am.

Late Arrival

Students who have not reported to their classrooms by 8:30 am are considered tardy. Tardies are recorded on student report cards. A student who is tardy must check in at the office before going to class. This procedure not only helps us keep track of student tardies, but also serves to maintain the accuracy of our attendance records.

Absences & Oregon Law

Teachers and the principal will monitor student attendance. The parents of students with excessive absences or tardies will receive a written communication from the principal alerting them to the problem.  We will be following ORS 339.065, which states:

Eight unexcused one-half absences in any four-week period during which the school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance.  Students who meet these criteria will be reported to ODE as truant. Excused absences are not to exceed five days in a term of three months or not to exceed ten days in any term of at least six months.


If your child will be absent or arriving late, please call the school's 24-hour attendance line at 503.356.2041 and leave a message regarding the absence or late arrival.  Please call before 8:15 am on the day of the absence whenever possible. Calling the attendance line is the only to be sure that your child's absence has been properly reported.  Emailing teacher can be done as an additional courtesy, but should not take the place of calling the attendance line. 

If a student does not report to school and a parent/guardian has not called to report an absence or tardy, a student's absence is recorded as "unexcused" and an automated call will be placed to the student's home. 

Please contact the school office when there is a change in your email address or home, cell phone, work, day care and/or emergency contact phone numbers.  We want to be sure we can contact you, especially in case of an emergency.

Leaving Early

In the event of a rare emergency or appointment that cannot be made outside of school hours, please send a note to the teacher and have the note verified in the office so that your child will be prepared to leave school at the designated time. When coming to school to pick up your child, please report to the school office. Be prepared to show photo ID every time you pick up your child early. You must sign your child out in the office. The office will then call your child out of class to meet you in the office. Parents may not go directly to classrooms to get their children. If someone other than a parent, guardian or emergency contact that has permission picks up a student early, parents are required to notify the office and the person must show a photo ID. If a child leaves school and returns to school on the same day, she/he must report to the office before returning to class.

Student Withdrawal

It is important that a parent or guardian contact the school either by note, telephone or in person if planning to withdraw a child from Bonny Slope. We request this notice at least two days in advance in order to prepare transfer papers. An additional reminder that if a student is absent from school for 10 days or more in a row, they will automatically be withdrawn from school. They can be re-enrolled upon return, however there is no guarantee that they will be re-enrolled in the same class or with the same teacher.

Special Programs and Resources

Resource Program

Our Bonny Slope resource program staff assists students who have special learning needs and who meet federal, state and district qualifications for Special Education. Instruction can be provided in reading, writing, math and organizational/study skills. The Special Education Team process generates all referrals for the resource program.

Speech/Language Service

This program provides services to students with communication disorders. The range of communication problems includes speech (articulation, stuttering, voice), 15 hearing impairments, and language-learning disorders. The special education team process generates all referrals for speech/language services.

School Counselor

Our counselor is available to consult with parents, teachers and students. Our counselor does not provide individual counseling sessions.  Our school counselor supports the academic and social/emotional growth of our students via classroom lessons. Lessons are taught throughout the year.

Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Talented and gifted services are provided individually in the classroom to identified students. Eligibility for the program is determined using a case-study approach and includes the use of standardized test scores. Students can be identified as gifted in up to three areas: reading, math and intellectually gifted.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students who speak a language other than English in the home are assessed by the District ESL Welcome Center to determine eligibility for ELL services. Eligible students in grades K-5 attend daily classes taught by our ESL teachers to improve their English language proficiency. The goal of the program is to ensure that English language learners become proficient in English so they can achieve the same high academic standards required of all Beaverton School District students.

Positive Behavior Supports Program

PBIS is a school-wide system in which staff members consistently teach and reinforce appropriate student behavior in order to create a positive environment where all students can learn and succeed. This system helps students understand what is expected of them. When appropriate behaviors are not chosen, staff members focus on re-teaching the expected behavior. The goal is to help all students behave in a manner that is safe, responsible and respectful. If your student is struggling with appropriate behaviors, they may be asked to fill out a Reflection Sheet and bring it home for your signature. This is an opportunity for you to talk to your child about the choices they are making at school.

Technology Guidelines

Bonny Slope students use the Internet in addition to textbooks, library books, encyclopedias, and magazines. To support proper use of the Internet by students, the district subscribes to a filtering service and teachers educate students about 16 acceptable uses of the Internet. A staff member always directly supervises Internet use by students. However, if any parent or guardian does not want their child to use the Internet at school, please send a written request to the office and teachers will respect that request.

Clothes Closet

The Beaverton School District provides free clothing for students from families with limited incomes via the BSD Clothes Closet. Located in a portable building adjacent to the west side parking lot at the BSD Administration Building and administered by the District Volunteer Services Coordinator, the center is open for operation every Wednesday during the school year from 10 am until 8 pm. The Clothes Closet is staffed solely by parent volunteers from District schools. The majority of the items available in the Clothes Closet come from the Lost & Found of District schools and from school-organized clothing drives. Pick up a request form in the school office to access the Clothes Closet. A school staff member must approve the form.

Lost & Found

The lost and found is located outside of the cafeteria. Please label lunch boxes, backpacks, and every article of clothing so that we can return lost items to their proper owners. Articles left at school will be donated to the Beaverton School District Clothes Closet periodically throughout the school year.

Child Care

Student Stop is a non-BSD business, which provides onsite day care at Bonny Slope. Before-school care starts at 7:00 am, and after-school program care is provided from 3:05 pm until 6:00 pm. For more information, please visit their website here or visit Student Stop during their hours of operation.

School Safety and Security

School Classroom Visitior

School and Classroom Visitors

To ensure the safety and well-being of all Bonny Slope students, we must know who is in the building at all times. All visitors and volunteers must check in using their username and password at the school office and obtain a temporary or volunteer ID badge to be worn whenever you are in school. 17 School volunteers and classroom visitors are required to complete a BSD background check and receive District approval to visit classrooms and the playground. A brief, confidential form is available online at You may complete this on your home computer or you may come to the school office and use one of our computers. The approval process may take a few days (or up to a few weeks at the beginning of the school year), so you are encouraged to complete this form as soon as possible. School volunteers, please use the computer check-in system in the office, and wear your picture ID badge whenever you are in the school. We invite and encourage you to volunteer in your child’s classroom to share in his/her experiences; however, an approved background check (see above) is required and must be completed prior to classroom/library/cafeteria visits. Volunteers are encouraged to make arrangements for childcare for their preschoolers while helping at school. Preschoolers who come with visiting parents must be kept with parents at all times. Preschoolers in the classroom are often a distraction to students, teachers and the learning process. During school hours, the Bonny Slope playground is open only to registered Bonny Slope students. Family members are welcome to use the track and playground areas before 8:00 am, after 3:05 pm, and during evening and weekend hours. Occasionally, you may have friends or relatives staying with you during times when school is in session. Students not attending Bonny Slope School will not be allowed to visit during school hours. Student visitors may come for lunch if accompanied by an adult. School-age alumni may only visit on days when their school is not in session. Alumni who want to visit previous teachers may do so after school hours if arranged with the teachers ahead of time. All visitors, including alumni, must check in at the office, wear name badges, and limit their visits to specific classrooms where prior approval was given.

Fire, Earthquake and Other Emergency Drills

Bonny Slope School will conduct a monthly evacuation drill. Prior to the first drill in September, students will be instructed on procedures. In addition, all schools within the Beaverton School District conduct other emergency drills, such as earthquake drills, Lock Out drills, and Lock Down drills to ensure safety in many situations. 

Lock Out

A Lock Out is announced when a potentially threatening situation is happening off school grounds in the neighborhood. The school wants to prevent the danger from entering the school by locking exterior doors and monitoring traffic flow.

Lock Down

A Lock Down is a response to an incident inside the school building that presents itself as a threat to students and staff. To reduce exposure to the threat, movement within the building is minimized, and all interior and exterior doors are locked.

Crossing Streets with the Crossing Guards

Students crossing McDaniel Road before or after school MUST USE THE GUARDED CROSSWALKS. Bike riders follow the same procedures as walkers. Students are protected at two intersections by crossing guards. Students must:

  1. Wait for the crossing guard on duty to give the signal that it is safe to cross the street.
  2. Walk, not run, across the street.
  3. Always obey the crossing guard, even if other adults or parents are giving you different directions.
  4. Leave school promptly at dismissal time so that you have the help of a crossing guard.

Student Dress

We ask parents to consider the appropriateness of words/phrases and designs on clothing before allowing children to wear them to school. Students are not allowed to wear clothing that communicates profanity, violence, gang affiliation, drug or alcohol use or products, or other forms of substance abuse. We encourage students to always wear shoes that allow them to safely and fully participate in PE and recess activities. For PE class, students are to wear athletic shoes without black soles. In the event a student’s dress is inappropriate, parents/guardians will be notified. Parents will receive information about their children’s PE days from the classroom teacher.

Dismissal Procedures for Snow Route Days

All students, regardless of normal transportation arrangements, will be dismissed to parents and or guardians at 3:05 pm. This includes bus riders. Parents will need to come to the building to pick up their children.


Students may ride bikes/scooters to and from school (with parental permission); but not on school grounds. Once bike/scooter riders approach the school driveway or sidewalk, they must stop riding and walk their bicycle/scooter. Please review bicycle/scooter safety rules with your child. Students are required to wear helmets. Be sure that your child’s bicycle can be securely locked to the bike rack to prevent theft. We recommend that each bike/scooter be individually locked. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bikes/scooters or related items.

Personal Property and Toys at School

We ask that students only bring items to school that directly relate to schoolwork. Personal possessions, valuables and toys should remain at home so they will not disrupt learning or get lost, damaged or stolen. This includes personal sports equipment and electronics. While exceptions may be made with teacher permission for activities such as sharing, it is strongly recommended that items other than toys or valuables be chosen for these special occasions. We are not able to lock up or otherwise secure electronics and other valuable items. The school will not be responsible for items students bring to school. Toys resembling weapons are never to be brought to school. (See District’s Student Parent Resource Handbook for consequences for bringing weapons or weapon look-alikes to school.)

Pets at School

The general policy is that animals are not allowed in school or on school property. Exceptions can be made for sharing and other educational activities, as long as certain safety guidelines and criteria are followed. Please check with your child’s teacher or the school office for more information. Animals cannot be transported on school buses.

Emergency School Closure/Delayed Opening/Early Release

When school closures and delayed openings affect the entire School District, they are announced, beginning at 5:30 am on television and radio stations. This information may also be obtained from the Beaverton School District website. Changes for Bonny Slope may also be sent via SchoolMessenger. If you do not hear the news report anything about Beaverton School District, then schools are open. There may be times when Beaverton schools close early due to inclement weather. When weather is threatening and you suspect a closure, please obtain your information as listed above. Please do not call Bonny Slope directly. We will not call parents; but will follow the emergency dismissal plan you gave us at the beginning of the school year. Please make sure you and your child know your emergency plan. On a delayed opening schedule, school will open two hours late and busses will be on snow routes. For Bonny Slope, “snow routes” means NO BUS SERVICE. This means our doors open to students at 10:15 am and school begins at 10:30 am. Parents are responsible for all student pickup and drop off on snow route days.

School Health Issues


NO MEDICATION, whether prescription or over-the-counter, will be given to any student without a Medication Record and Authorization Form completed by the parent. (This includes commonly used medications such as Tylenol, cough syrup and cough drops.) Prescription drugs also require written instructions from the child’s physician.

  • Medication must be brought to school by a parent or guardian and must be in the original container.
  • Pharmacists will provide two containers for medication, one for home and one for school. The label on the container must state the student’s name, the dosage, time, prescription number, and the physician’s name.
  • If a parent wants to administer meds during school hours, parents must be ready to show photo ID

Student Illness or Accident

A sick child needs to be at home to protect the child and prevent exposing other students. Please refer to the district’s policy for when a child is Too Sick for School Children who are not feeling well have a difficult time concentrating and therefore do not benefit from the instruction they receive during that time.

When a student becomes ill or hurt at school, every effort is made to contact the parents or guardians or a person designated by you. If we are unable to contact anyone concerning a sick or injured child, your physician may be notified if the illness or injury warrants that kind of attention. It is of utmost importance that you notify the office of any changes to your emergency numbers and email addresses, in case we need to contact you. If it is difficult to reach you at an office location, a pager or cell phone number is helpful.

The office calls parents/guardians for any serious injuries, bee stings, or illnesses as a matter of routine. When in doubt, the school will call and ask the parent to make a decision as to whether a child should remain in school, go home, and/or receive medical attention. 21 If the child is ill with a communicable disease, a report from a doctor or Health Department is necessary for re-admittance to school. If you think a child has a communicable disease, please let the office know immediately.

Sending a Child Home

For security reasons, parents must come into the office and show ID to pick up their children and sign them out when leaving early for illness/appointments. Students will not be allowed to wait outside in front of the school for their parents.

School Nurse

A District school nurse is shared by 4 schools, but is consulted for any illness or injury as needed. If you have a health concern or question regarding your child, inform the school secretary and a decision will be made either to contact the nurse immediately, or to make a referral.

Health Problems

If your child has a health problem or condition that needs to have school considerations, please contact the school.


Under Oregon law, any student under 14 entering school in Oregon for the first time, including kindergarten, must show proof of full immunization against polio, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), hepatitis B and varicella (chicken pox). Washington County enforces the exclusion of students whose immunizations are incomplete. Immunizations may be obtained from your physician or from Washington County Health and Human Services. The phone number is 503-846-8851.

Oregon state law requires students entering Oregon schools for the first time to have the following immunizations:

  • DPT - 5 Doses
  • Polio - 4 doses 

MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) - One injection after 12 months of age or proof of disease and second dose before Kindergarten entry. Varicella (Chicken Pox) one dose received on or after 12 months of age:

  • Hepatitis A – 2 doses
  • Hepatitis B – 3 doses 

Hearing and Vision Screening

All students in grades K- 5 will have their vision screened for distance acuity and stereopsis. An optional screening of near point visual acuity and PediaVision Auto-refraction may also be conducted with students of concern. Additionally, students in grades K-3 will have their hearing screened

Restricted Activity at School Health Reasons

If a student is well enough to come to school, he or she is expected to participate in all regular daily activities, including recess. If a student is healthy enough to come to school, but has an injury, condition or disability that will prevent full participation in daily activities, a doctor’s written directions stating the child's situation and also the degree of allowable activity inside and outside the building will be honored.


Meals & Nutrition

Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are available for all students to purchase each day. In addition, individual components of the meal, e.g. milk, entrées, or salad bar items are sold separately. New USDA guidelines now require that students choose a ½ cup of fruit or vegetable as part of their school lunch. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables is available each day for students.


Breakfast and Lunch Menus for the current month are posted on the Nutrition Services Website.


Meal Prices

The prices for the 2018-2019 school year are:

  • Breakfast $1.45 full price Free (for students eligible for Free and Reduced Meal Benefits)
  • Lunch $3.05 full price $0.00 reduced price $0.50 extra milk
  • Adult Breakfast $2.50 * Adult Lunch $4.50

Student Meal Accounts

Each student is assigned their own individual meal account which they can access using a Personal Identification Number, (PIN). This number is your student’s school ID number, and is the same number used to check out library books. If you need help with the ID number, please contact the school office. The meal account is a debit account, so students eligible for full and reduced price meals must deposit money into their account before they can purchase meals. Parents may deposit money into their student’s account by any of the following methods:

● Sending cash or a check made out to the school cafeteria. When making a payment, please indicate your student’s first and last name, along with her PIN, on the memo line of the check, or insert cash in an envelope with your student’s first and last name and PIN on the outside. It’s best to deliver the payments directly to Nutrition Services staff in the cafeteria so that the payments can be applied before the next meal. A secure locked box for collecting meal account payments is located in the front hallway of the school; or you may drop off your lunch payment envelope in the school office.

● Make payments online. Parents can register and log onto to deposit funds with a nominal fee. They can also monitor account balances and set-up low-balance emails at no charge online. More information is available on the Nutrition Services website: (, or by calling 503-356-3955.

When account balances get low, e-mail and/or phone messages will be sent to parents/guardians. Please see the information above regarding easy ways to track your student’s meal balance.

When your student graduates to the next grade level or transfers to another school within BSD, her/his account balance will transfer with her/him.

Meal Etiquette

Health department regulations stipulate that students should wash their hands before eating and are not allowed to share any portion of their meals. Students are expected to clean up after themselves, return trays to the proper location, recycle appropriate items, and dispose of garbage in the receptacles.

Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits

If a family is experiencing financial need, parents may complete one application for free or reduced price meals for all students in their family. Meal benefits applications and instructions are available on-line at on our Meal Benefits page. The application process and each student’s meal benefit status are completely confidential.

Families may apply for meal benefits at any time throughout the school year, even up to the last day of school. However, a new application is required for each school year. For more information, please call: Nutrition Services Meal Benefits Office at 503-356-3957 or the Multilingual Department at 503-356-3755.

Nut Free Table

At Bonny Slope, we want all of our students to experience lunch in a safe environment. In order to ensure the safety of our students with nut allergies, a nut free table is provided.

Lunch Guests

Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child at school. Adult lunch tickets do not include milk, but beverages may be purchased separately. Please check in at the office upon arrival. You must have cleared a background check to eat with your child on campus. Parents, please refrain from bringing food for other students during lunch as this is against cafeteria policy.

Conferences and Progress Reports


Bonny Slope follows a semester system. Report cards are issued at the end of each semester in February and June. Parents are also invited to attend parent/teacher conferences during the fall and spring. Interpreters will be provided for parents who request this service. Between grading periods and conferences, teachers continue to communicate with parents regarding student progress and/or concerns and successes as appropriate. Parents are encouraged to initiate communication with teacher as questions or concerns arise.

Homework Policy

At Bonny Slope Elementary School, we believe that homework is an important complement to the learning process, which takes place during the day at school. Students who learn to study at home on a daily basis early in life develop organizational and work habits, which can help throughout a lifetime. Children who develop effective homework habits experience more success in school.

Homework is out of class preparation or practice in a given subject area which is assigned by a student’s teacher. The objectives of extended learning activities are: to supplement and support classroom experiences; reinforce learning through practice, integration and application; develop initiative, responsibility and self direction through independent effort; and foster parents’ awareness of child’s learning activities.

Assignments may be one or more of the following four types:
  • Practice -- helps students master specific skills taught in class.
  • Preparation -- prepares students to gain maximum benefit from future lessons.
  • Extension -- helps students transfer a skill or concept to another situation.
  • Creative -- challenges students to integrate skills and concepts taught at school by producing a response or product which allows students to express themselves creatively or explore topics of their own interest.

When children are absent because of illness or family emergency, teachers will provide work that is possible to do at home. Students or parents are responsible for requesting homework for absences.

When parents choose to take their children out of school for extended periods, they assume all responsibility for their children’s education during their absence. Teachers will not provide homework to make up for missed classroom work. The majority of students’ learning in elementary school occurs as the result of the teacher’s instruction and learning activities that occur in the classroom. When children are absent for extended periods, they miss these learning opportunities and may, as a result, not be able to complete some of the requirements missed.

School Bus Procedures

Bus Route Information

Bus route information for the Bonny Slope attendance area will be emailed to parents in late August. You can look up your student’s bus route information by visiting the Transportation Routes page.
If you have questions or concerns about your child’s bus, please call the Transportation Office at 503.356.4200. 

Students wishing to get off at a stop other than their own must bring a dated, parent-signed note to school. The note must be stamped in the office, reviewed by the classroom teacher, and then given to the appropriate bus driver by the student.

Only Beaverton School District students may ride on school buses. However, during field trips, parent chaperones may accompany the class on the bus. Parents accompanying classes on field trips must have completed a BSD background check and be approved by the Public Safety Department.

Because of District insurance policies, we cannot include preschool children on school buses for a field trip. In addition, due to space limitations on the bus and/or at field trip venues, the number of chaperones allowed on field trips may also be limited.

Bonny Slope Bus Rider Pledge

The Bonny Slope Bus Rider Pledge is:

I understand that my school bus driver is responsible for my safety, and for the safety of others on my school bus. I understand that I am to follow the bus driver’s instructions and the State of Oregon safety rules as listed here:

  • Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver.
  • Fighting, wrestling, or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus.
  • Students shall use the emergency door only in the case of emergency.
  • Students shall be on time for the bus both morning and afternoon.
  • Students shall not eat on the bus.
  • Students shall not bring animals, balloons, or other potentially hazardous materials onto the bus.
  • Students shall remain seated while the bus is in motion. (No leaning over seats or legs in aisles.)
  • Students may be assigned seats by the bus driver.
  • When it is necessary to cross the road, students shall cross in front of the bus, or as instructed by the clear signal of the bus driver. WAIT FOR THE SIGNAL.
  • Students shall not extend their hands, arms, or heads through the bus windows.
  • Students shall have written permission to leave the bus at other than their regular stop.
  • Students shall converse in normal tones while having kind, thoughtful conversation.
  • Students shall not open or close windows without the permission of the bus driver.
  • Students shall keep the bus clean.
  • Students shall keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
  • Students will select a seat quickly and remain seated at all times. Students must be willing to share a seat with at least one or two other students.
  • Students who refuse to obey promptly the directions of the bus driver, or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their privilege to ride the buses.

Riding the Bus is a Privilege

Those not following bus rules may lose their right to be transported to and from school. Four things can happen if a child does not follow safety rules:

● Bus driver tells child the proper behavior and child follows directions.
● Child could be assigned a seat for the trip or for the day.
● Child could be assigned a seat for a period of time.
● Child could be given a citation.

A student who receives a bus citation must have it signed by both the school principal and the parents. Consequences of the citation will be determined by the principal and may include the loss of bus-riding privileges if problems persist.


Playground Information

All community members are welcome to use the grounds when school is not in session. During regular school hours, the school and our students have priority use of the fields and playground equipment. The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District schedule use of the grounds and gym much of the year.

Remember: The school grounds are not supervised before 8:15 am or after 3:05 pm

Playground Expectations

Playground Expectations:

While on the Bonny Slope playground, students will behave responsibly, safely and respectfully.

Show Respect

  • Students will follow all game rules.
  • When the whistle blows to end recess, students will freeze and await further instructions. If the whistle is blown again, students are to quickly place all recess equipment in the ball cart and line up.
  • Students will follow the directions of the teacher on duty.
  • Students will respect others and equipment (use the equipment for its designed purpose). 
  • Students will cooperate with others.
  • Students will share all equipment and take turns on all equipment.
  • When playing a game, the next person in line is the judge. Students must abide by the judge’s decision.

Be Responsible

  • Students will contact the duty teacher when concerned about something or someone.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated. Students are encouraged to ask for help from an adult on the playground if bullying occurs.
  • When students cannot resolve a problem with others, they will ask for help from a staff person.

Stay Safe

  • Students resolve problems with words.
  • Students will run only on the field or track.
  • Rough play is not allowed on the playground.
  • Students will stay within the fenced playground area.
  • On wet days, students will stay away from puddles, mud, the play structure and off the field.
  • Students will not eat food or chew gum on the playground.

Snow Accumulation

Snowballing is prohibited on school property. On snowy days, decisions will be made at the time concerning play on the grassy area.

Celebrations and Snacks at School

Personal Property on Playground

The school provides students with sports equipment to use during recess and PE. Students are not to bring their own sports equipment or toys to use on the playground or during PE classes. We ask students to leave personal possessions and toys at home so they will not get lost, damaged, stolen, or disrupt learning.

Bus Stop

Students riding the school bus should arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Students will load and unload the bus in a safe and orderly fashion

Classroom Parties

The BSCO will provide treats for celebrations during each school year. Homemade food items are not allowed.

Birthday Celebrations at School

In order to maximize instructional time, we do not have celebrations for birthdays for individual students, but instead have a monthly birthday celebration for all students.  During a student's birthday month, he/she will be invited to eat lunch with the principal.  Food items, balloons, or flower arrangements are not to be delivered to school. If items are delivered to school, they will remain in the office until the end of the school day. Students cannot bring these items home with them on the bus, and you may be called to come and pick them up.  Invitations to private parties are not to be distributed at school unless every child in the class is included.

Classroom Snacks

Classroom teachers may allow students to bring snacks to school to eat either before or after lunch. Snacks must follow the district’s healthy food policy. Some classrooms may ask that you do not bring foods that contain peanuts or nut products due to the high number of students with allergies. We ask that you please be respectful of this and not send these snacks with your child. We want all of our students to be safe!

Healthy snack ideas include: juice, water, milk, fresh fruit, yogurt, vegetables, whole –grain crackers, pretzels, low-fat popcorn, rice cakes, bread sticks, graham crackers, whole-grain bagels, granola bars, trail mix, and low-sugar cereals.

Teacher Gifts

Receipt of Gifts, Entertainment, Food, or Honorarium District employees are subject to Oregon ethics laws which govern the receipt by employees of gifts which may not exceed $50.00 from any individual giver on an annual basis. Oregon law defines gifts to include meals, entertainment, honoraria, and more. District employees must not accept more than $50.00 worth of “gifts” annually from any one giver. This means that if an employee is offered lunch, conference materials, and honoraria from a single source and those items total in value over $50.00, the employee is in violation of ethics laws. Employees should be aware of any gifts they are offered or received from any source and keep a record of those gifts to ensure compliance. If you have any questions regarding the ability to accept a particular gift, meal or honoraria, please contact Human Resources for guidance.

Refer to the District Calendar and Bonny Slope's Online Calendar for up to date school information.