Morning Arrival


Students arrive at school at 8:15 am. All students must arrive at school via the front entry doors or the side doors when arriving by bus. Students may enter classrooms at 8:25 am. Students who arrive between 8:15 am- 8:25 am must report to one of the supervised areas listed below. At 8:25 am, staff will release students to line up and proceed quietly to class.

Cafeteria: Students eat breakfast and/or deposit meal money
Gym: Students walk to music and/or chat quietly with friends (K-2)
Upper Hallway: Students in grades 3-5 may sit in hallway and chat quietly
Track: Students run laps of the track 

Students are to report directly to one area and remain there until it is time to go to class. An exception: Students who eat breakfast at school or who must go to the cafeteria to deposit meal money may go to the cafeteria then choose their location after eating breakfast or depositing money. Students who eat breakfast at school must report to the cafeteria first to eat. Often, there is not enough time to both eat and go to the track or the gym. Eating breakfast is the first priority.

Parents are welcome to escort their students to class on the first day of school. After that, any parent that enters the building must sign in at the office. To build independence we ask that parents say good-bye at the entrance of the school. While instilling a sense of independence and confidence in children, we want to encourage timeliness and eliminate crowding in the hallways and office.

Afternoon Dismissal

Dismissal is a busy time. There are four options for students:

● Ride the school bus home: Teachers will deliver bus riders as they exit the building.
● After school classes or Student Stop: Students will be released to their assigned location.
● Parent pick up 3:05-3:15: If a parent wants to pick up a student at 3:05 dismissal, the parent may enter the parking lot, park in a marked parking space (no curb parking), and pick up student(s) in the marked areas by the bike racks. Please be sure to be parked before 3:00pm.
● Parent pick up curbside after 3:20: If a parent would prefer to pick up a student without getting out of the car, the parent will enter the bus lane at 3:20 (after the buses leave). Students will enter cars at the top of the bus lane. (These students will go to the gym at dismissal time. They will then line up for curbside pickup and be escorted by staff to the bus pick up lane at 3:20).

Parent Pickup Map

For your child’s safety and to avoid congestion and confusion in the lobby as students and staff exit, please refrain from picking up your child in his/her classroom or outside of the double doors near the bus lane. Teachers will escort 12 students to the designated areas. This procedure ensures that regular staff and substitutes are releasing students only to authorized adults.